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A Patrick’s Day Story

Six years ago this week, I was in Northern Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day. I must admit that it is a trip I will always remember. The parade down Hill Street in Newry featured floats and bands and thousands of people lining the streets. read more

Holey planning

The future belongs to creativity; our knowledge belongs to the past. If this is true, how does the presently successful business prepare to be even more successful in the future? A short answer is: With great difficulty. read more

Death of a Salesman?

If making a sale were as simple as comparing bids online, then every Willy Loman in the world would soon be out of a job. The reality is that personal relationships still matter. has streamlined the bidding process, but nothing beats a golden voice or hearty handshake to close the deal.

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Staffing and Education

Typically, the aerobics director would be responsible for this program, unless you decide to select someone else.

In any event, it is important to know if the chosen person is motivated about heading up the program, is interested in teaching it, has the time to regulate upkeep of the equipment and is able to enforce the reservation policies. read more

Collection of Information. Part 2

Concerned about our privacy, my wife used her maiden name when preparing such forms, and generally provided false information to many of the more personal questions. Within two weeks, she was receiving credit card solicitations in her maiden name from a credit card company that we had never heard of before. read more

Collection of Information. Part 1

Today’s rush to collect private information online is about to create a mega-backlash

IBM has announced that it won’t advertise on any Web site that does not feature a privacy policy that clearly states how private information collected through the site might be used.

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