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You can modify any recipe to increase the fiber by adding 1/2 white and 1/2 whole wheat flour instead of just all-purpose flour, add raw bran. read more

What do Women Really Want?

Perhaps Mel Gibson? A recent film released for the holiday season gives the Mel Gibson character the power to hear everything women are thinking. Still, however, it is unclear to many men, and even women, what exactly women want. read more

The Adrenal Glands

Those two tiny glands that take up residence at the top of your kidneys have a powerful job to do. Most people never realize their importance to the body, and many don’t even know what they are or where they are located. read more

Transplant Patients Benefit From Exercise

People who receive transplants do not have to sit on the sidelines anymore. Recent studies have shown that exercise can help boost endurance and performance levels in transplant patients, even allowing many to participate in competitive sports. read more

Visions of Sores, Part 2

The next morning we were invited to the camp church service. It was come-as-you-are style so we went damp and wet. Friendly people with umbrellas greeted us as we ducked under the pavilion for cover. A simple chorus was sung before the minister shared a brief word. Loud shouts broke out in thanksgiving for the recent rain. They had been praying for rain since they were in a drought! We promptly packed up the camper and headed north in search of the sun. read more

Visions of Sores, Part 1

As thoughts of summer vacation enter the minds of some, one writer shares a nightmare of a vacation tale about s’mores, a camper and a lot of rain. read more

Decades of Change

It’s been almost eight years since the implementation of Healthy People 2000, the national health objectives set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 1990. For many of us, eight years seems like a blink of an eye. But while we were blinking, we came a long way to understanding the benefits of exercise on health and well-being. This understanding has matured our industry at a rate normally seen only in high-tech industries. read more

How do I take his bottle away? Part 2

Then decrease to one bottle a day, given in your arms at bedtime, as you read him a book. The next day offer the bottle with only water in it. He may refuse it. The next evening sit together at the kitchen table having milk in a cup or eating yogurt with a spoon; read him a bedtime story, and do not give a bottle. read more

How do I take his bottle away? Part 1

Your son seems very attached to his bottle, but now that he’s nearly 3, he should stop drinking from it or his new teeth may get cavities.
If you don’t want to stop the bottle “cold turkey,” you might consider setting a date about seven days ahead for the “bottle quit date,” and then gradually move toward that date. read more

Creatine Supplements

Maybe you have seen the ads with headlines that scream, “Creatine Monohydrate — Clinically Proven to Increase Size, Strength and Power Fast!” What is this supplement and how can it live up to the advertising claims? read more