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Tobacco Pharmacology

All commercial tobacco products are effective nicotine/drug delivery devices.
All commercial tobacco products are toxic when used as intended. So-called light cigarettes are not less toxic, and consumers are deceived to believe they are. read more

Chromosome Breakage May Predict Cancer Risk

The sensitivity of an individual’s chromosomes to breakage by a cancer drug is largely inherited, say Dutch researchers.

The findings suggest that “a common genetic susceptibility to DNA damage can exist in the general population,” the team write in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. read more

Summer Headaches

It’s hot, it’s humid, and your head is pounding! When the mercury rises, so does the number of headaches.
Just ask a pain specialist — phone calls to headache clinics increase dramatically during the summer. read more

Ticks And Tick Control


Ticks lay eggs which hatch into larvae and develop into nymphs before becoming adults. After the eggs hatch each maturation event (called molting) requires the immature tick to feed on blood first. The adult female must also feed on blood prior to laying her eggs. The female will drop off the animal to lay her eggs (up to 6,000 depending on the species), and after they hatch, the larvae will climb a blade of grass or other object and wait for the presence of a suitable host on which to attach. read more

Safety on the Road

Despite the fact that we are taught safe driving habits from an early age, automobiles take thousands of lives every year.

To increase safety on the road, follow these simple hints: read more

Overcoming Depression After You Quit

It is not uncommon to get sad or depressed after you quit smoking. That may sound weird since people say that you will feel better after quitting, not worse. read more

HGH for Shedding Pounds

Many processes control how the human body grows. The ‘human growth hormone‘ is one of the most important of the lot, as it affects various body organs and regulates the growth process. The human body, via the ‘Pituitary Gland’, located in the brain, produces this hormone naturally. It creates sufficient levels of the hormone daily, in order to slow down the process of growth in the body. read more

Club Chain and Members Benefit from New Program

Health clubs are always looking for new ways to increase member satisfaction and retention without tipping the cost/revenue scale in the wrong direction. Lifestyle Family Fitness Centers, a nine-club chain in the Tampa-Bay, Fla., area, has found a way to do just that with a new membership program, the Four Week Comfort Guarantee. read more

Impotence In Younger Men – It Really Happens

When we think about impotence, we usually think of it as something that affects older men, but this is not always the case, so it is important that we realize that impotence does strike younger men, too. Actually, there are an increasing number of younger men who are suffering from impotence, and it is essential that we get more information on how to address this problem with this population. read more

Fetal Activity Test

A healthy baby will move around often in the womb. The fetal activity test (FAT) is a simple procedure that involves counting the number of fetal movements within 30 or 60 minutes. The mother may keep track of the movements herself, or they can be monitored by ultrasound or with an electronic monitor that is attached to a belt that goes around the mother’s abdomen. This test might be used in conjunction with other tests to monitor an overdue or at-risk baby. read more