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Studies Point Way to New Anthrax Therapies. Part 2

In one new study, John Young of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and colleagues at Harvard University say they’ve identified the precise portal through which anthrax toxins enter macrophages. read more

Studies Point Way to New Anthrax Therapies. Part 1

Research Excites Officials, But Won’t Help in Current Outbreak

Two new studies in the journal Nature give scientists a window onto the way anthrax bacteria kills its cellular prey. read more

Grilled Tuna Packets

4 tuna steaks (4 ounces each)
3/4 cup sliced mushrooms
8 baby carrots read more

32,000 Good Men

Prostate Cancer Study

Can taking dietary supplements help ward off prostate cancer? The National Cancer Institute has launched the largest-ever study of its kind to find out.

And it needs 32,400 men to step up and take part in the trial, the NCI announced today.

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No, Classes are Part of Membership

The majority of respondents who felt that fitness facilities should not charge extra for special group classes felt that these classes should be included as part of membership. Says one such respondent, “I do not think an extra fee should be charged for specialty classes. A membership fee should include the privilege of attending any class on the schedule — even specialty classes.” read more

Cancer Screening Research. Part 3

The combined technology has many applications, Zimmer says. For instance, it can help locate and photograph very small, but profound tumors and malformations.

“Sooner or later these have to be removed and they can be very tiny — a millimeter or less,” said Zimmer, who adds that the scan can help surgeons better pinpoint a target.

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Cancer Screening Research. Part 2

Computerizing Cancer Detection
Computer-aided diagnosis, or CAD, also is catching the eyes of many researchers. While not approved as a first analysis, computer software now exists to help radiologists spot early-stage cancers that might otherwise have been missed, according to a study presented in June 1999 at the “Era of Hope” meeting on breast cancer research in Atlanta.

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Cancer Screening Research. Part 1

The Ultimate Treatment Is Catching It Early, Researchers Say

Just 20 years ago, leukemia, Hodgkin’s Disease and testicular cancer were devastating, often deadly diagnoses.

The advent of sophisticated cancer therapies and the promise of high-tech treatments such as stereotactic radiosurgery are extending lives and transforming once nearly untreatable cancers from death sentences into winnable wars.

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Are You Putting Your Fertility at Risk?

Trying to get your partner pregnant and it isn’t working? There is a 40 percent chance you either have low sperm count or your sperm are poor fallopian canal swimmers.

Once you have ruled out the chance it might your partner’s problem — due to age, or ovulation or anatomical problems — what do you do?

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Do you Emphasize Support Systems

Though you cannot be personally dedicated to each one of your students, you can provide opportunities for them to find support within their classes and among other members. read more