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An Answer to the Health Policy Dilemma. Part 2

Many Democrats are suspect of the MSA concept, believing that only the healthiest people will buy MSA plans thereby leaving other insurance plans with the burden of taking care of the sickest people. They argue that any insurance system has to be one that includes the largest pool of people possible where the sickest and the healthiest are together — the healthy offsetting the costs of the sick thereby creating a lower average cost for all.

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An Answer to the Health Policy Dilemma. Part 1

During his presidential campaign, Steve Forbes seemed to have a “one-answer-fits-all” health policy solution. The single answer was medical savings accounts, or MSAs.

Many Republicans, including George W. Bush, John McCain and a number of Republican congressional leaders, point to MSAs as at least a partial solution to the problems of affordable access to healthcare and giving the patient/consumer more control over the healthcare system.

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Getting Started

Improved fitness improves your life expectancy back to top
Prevent osteoporosis

Weight-bearing physical activity helps prevent bone loss and can encourage bone growth. People who are physically active are less likely to get osteoporosis, provided they have an adequate diet that includes calcium and vitamin D. Physical activity also can help build thicker cartilage and stronger tendons and ligaments, all keys to keeping mobile and feeling good. read more

Is Wort Safe for Breastfeeding Moms

“At present we have no data on the transfer of hypericin to milk or the infant. Judging by its chemistry, it likely penetrates milk. It is quite lipophilic and has a large volume of distribution, which suggests that it could build up over a long period of exposure. It is orally bioavailable and would be absorbed by the infant. One section of the FDA is proposing to study the breastmilk levels but this has not yet been done.” read more

When Will Your Hair Grow Back

The solution depends on the medicine: chemotherapy, in one piece highbrow radiation, or tamoxifen.

Granting you had chemotherapy, here’s a conventional timetable:

* Two to three weeks after chemotherapy ends: elastic fuzz
* One month after: valid hair starts to extend at its common ratio
* Two months after: an inch of hair

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Liver Damage Linked to Parkinson’s Drug

Tasmar, a drug used for treating Parkinson’s disease, can cause potentially fatal liver injuries, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the drug’s manufacturer, Hoffmann La-Roche. read more

Pelvic Separation

Q.I gave birth to my fifth child two years ago. He was a very large baby — 10 pounds, 23 inches, with a head circumference of 15 inches. A few weeks after he was born I was still having severe pain in my pelvic bones and hips. My doctor said it was from the bones separating in order for the baby to pass, and only time would tell if they went back. Those bones feel no better now then they did then. Is something broken? Am I going to feel this way forever? read more

Caregiver Guilt

Q.I have spent the last eight years caring for a husband with progressing dementia, diagnosed as probable Alzheimer’s disease. The last four years it has been a 24-hour-a-day job. Four months ago I was forced to admit him to a care facility because I was no longer able to control and manage him, and he became a hazard to himself, others and me. Since that time I have had trouble with depression. I am normally a positive, emotionally strong person, but recently I have had trouble holding the tears back, and I cry more often. I have to look after my husband’s welfare as well as my own. I love my husband very deeply, but I also need to live a life, and the two are often in conflict. Any suggestions other than seeing a psychologist? read more

Whose Been Sleeping In My Bed

Antoni gets a new house mate and things at the Abbott house may never be the same.

Someone has been sleeping in Antoni’s bed and it’s Phyllis! The two of them are cozier than two peas in a pod and looking more and more like the next Y&R supercouple. read more

American Teens Have Highest Birth, Pregnancy Rate

Compared with adolescents in other wealthy Western nations, US teens have the highest birth rate, lowest contraceptive use, least ease of access to reproductive health services and least social support, according to researchers. read more