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From Medicine Woman to Miracle Mom Part 2

The “purr-fect” inspiration
During her pregnancy, Seymour would go for sonograms, referring to the twins in her stomach as “this one and that one.” “I’d say, ‘How’s this one doing?’ and James would chime in, ‘What about that one?'” she recalls. “After they were born, we thought it would make a great children’s book, so we wrote a story about twin kittens who are named This One and That One.” They turned their idea into two books for Putnam Publishing, a line of children’s clothes and toys, and an animated movie, which is planned for a spring 1999 release. read more

From Medicine Woman to Miracle Mom Part 1

Katy Bellow answers the phone slightly frazzled: “Just a second, please, my twins are painting each other again,” she sighs. “What is it they say about the terrible twos?”

On motherhood
But instead of losing her temper, the 47-year-old miniseries queen and former star of “Doctor, Medicine Woman” nurtures her toddlers’ creativity. “Boys will be boys, babies will be babies.” She pauses to mop up a glob of paint that has landed in her lap. “You just have to laugh and love them for the wonderful little individuals they are.” read more

A Screening Test for Alzheimer’s Disease

A study published in the August 17 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine gives some hope that a test to determine who is at higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease may be on the horizon.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia (loss of mental, or cognitive, capacity) in the later years of life, affecting 8 percent of those over age 65. Approximately 4 million Americans suffer from the disease, and this figure will rise dramatically as the population ages, since the rate of Alzheimer’s rises with age. read more

Group Weight Training

Studies have shown that weight training can reduce fat while increasing lean muscle, reversing bone loss, and increasing energy and balance. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, after a year of weight training twice a week, women?s bodies were 15 to 20 years more youthful. read more

Teens and Time Management

Our teen has no clue about how to manage his time. He never seems to have enough time for the things he is supposed to do, or even the things he wants to do. How can we help him with this problem without doing too much ourselves? read more

Solutions for Every Exercise Obstacle

“I can’t exercise because I have no time.”
Split up your workout. Weight-train in the morning and do aerobics later on; or do several bouts of aerobics. read more

Nutritionists Underestimate Fat, Calories in Restaurant Sized Portions

Even nutritionists can be fooled by the portion sizes of entrees served in restaurants. Over 200 trained dietitians were questioned on their ability to identify how many calories and fat grams existed in five typical restaurant meals. Not one participant accurately calculated all five meals, and some underestimated fat grams by as much as 49 percent and calories by as much as 37 percent.

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Classic ratatouille is a robust Mediterranean stew of summer vegetables. We’ve adapted the dish, reducing the amount of oil, replacing the traditional eggplant with yellow squash and modifying the seasonings to come up with a savory topping for baked potatoes (or pasta). Serve as a hearty side dish or a light entree.

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Whither Weather 2

A massive global industry keeps this mass of equipment in check and uses the data that it pulls in. In the US, some 5,600 people work for the National Weather Service, analyzing some 19 million weather observations each year, and creating some 2 million forecasts and weather warnings.

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Whither Weather 1

We’ve got the technology, but Mother Nature controls the weather. Get used to it

Back in September, as Hurricane Floyd raced up the eastern coast of North America, Globe and Mail columnist Rick Salutin wrote: “I have seen the future of the news and it is weather.”

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