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What Can I Do if I Have Low Vision?

Many people with low vision are taking charge. They want more information about devices and services that can help them keep their independence.

Talk with your eye care professional — It’s important to talk with your eye care professional about your vision problems. read more

Low-Cost Esteem Boosters From Coach Pat Miller

Visit a bookstore with a coffee shop and enjoy both. Ask a friend to hug you. read more

Spiritual Parenting, Part 2

Four Simple Ways To Begin
Here are a few suggestions to help start your family’s spiritual journey:

Trust and teach that all life is connected and has a purpose — When children trust that all life has a purpose, they respect and appreciate themselves and the people around them. Kindness, empathy, compassion and love grow from appreciation and respect, and create more of both in turn. A 7-year-old girl told me, “I saved up all my change for months and months, then rolled it up and gave it to a lady who needed help with all the stray cats she was looking after. She had 58 hungry cats with no homes. I felt happy to help those cats.” read more

Spiritual Parenting, Part 1

Personal spirituality has become a hot topic and now psychologists are examining the spirituality of the family — how a set of shared beliefs can help families weather a crisis. It’s easy for hectic schedules to eliminate any time for such reflection, but unearthing and nourishing the spirit of your family can have transformational results. read more

Patrick’s Day Party

You don’t have to be Irish to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. You just have to know how to have fun! If you’re looking for a great way to spend St. Patrick’s Day, why not help your kids throw a St. Patrick’s Day Party? Here are a few tips on planning a party that you’ll both be talking about for months to come. read more

Does Your Job Give You a Headache

If you crunch numbers for a living, chances are your head hurts so often you’ve rubbed your forehead raw, a new survey shows.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. — the maker of Exedrin — used the Internet to question 5,210 professionals in 10 fields to find out which occupation creates the most headaches. The survey results coincided with last week’s National Headache Awareness Week.

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Implementation Details, Part 2

Although the database server and the transaction server will probably be limited to run on UNIX based environments in the foreseeable future, there is no such restriction for the clients. All the client needs to do, is to provide an easy to use user interface, preferrably a graphical one, to isolate the user from the difficulties of communicating directly with the SQL server. Both server sysstems will takle complete care of the data integrity, therefore it will be possible to run the clients even on unstable operating systems like Microsoft Windows without the constant fear of loosing data. read more

Implementation Details, Part 1

1. The “three tier system”
1. database server
2. transaction server
3. clients
4. system diagram (image)

GNUMed is based on a 3 tier system. read more

One of a Kind Property

This large Ranch Style Rambler is situated on 1.8 lovely acres in a park like setting only 15 minutes west of Port Angeles. This spacious home is 2,300 sq.ft., 4-bedrooms with 2&3/4 baths, 2-car attached carport, 3-car detached garage with attached carport that is insulated and wired for 220 power, RV parking, beautifully landscaped with 2 gazebos one of which is all cedar and glass with a large spa, large deck off the back of the home, new paint, flooring and carpet.

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Child Abuse in America Post 2

What are some indicators of emotional abuse? In emotional neglect an indicator would be apathetic or depressive behavior; anti-social or hostile responses; loss of appetite and refusal to eat or obesity. While physical abuse may be easily detected, sexual abuse is harder to identify. read more