Groin Injuries in Football Players

Members who lift weights to train for football may be at higher risk for groin injuries. New findings have shown a correlation between heavy squat lifting and groin injuries, especially in skill position players.

Researchers looked at 31 college football players who were treated for groin injuries between 1993 and 1998. They found that 61 percent of the groin injuries were connected to overemphasizing squats with heavy weights. Researchers also found 71 percent of the injuries occurred in skill position players, such as running backs, defensive backs and receivers.

While squat lifting is beneficial for players to build strength in the lower body, other exercises are needed to balance the development of muscles in the pelvis and the lower abdomen. An imbalance in the pelvic muscles increases the risk for groin injuries. Researchers found that football players who performed exercises to counteract squat lifting in their strength training experienced a dramatic decrease in groin injuries.

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