Healthy Catering How To Appease All Your Guests

With Memorial Day right around the corner, many are officially kicking off the start of summer and warmer weather means weddings, parties, and all kinds of celebrations.

Whether you are planning your wedding reception or an outdoor anniversary party, one of the biggest things to keep in mind is your catering choices – the food served should accommodate all your guests, especially if you have a rather long guest list. My Salt Lake City catering company of choice gave me these tips to remember when selecting the fare for any event:

Make sure you have low-fat entree options. No doubt you will have guests who are trying to shed some pounds and will most certainly appreciate a tasty dish sans the fat!

Vegan and/or vegetarian dishes should always be included in the menu, such as a pasta dish. Your caterer should have various vegetarian entrees you can select from.

Desserts are the one place where calories and sugar can really add up – try serving scrumptious desserts that are lower in calories and sugar but just as delicious! Fresh fruit, frozen yogurt, parfaits…even popsicles, which aren’t just for the little ones! They make a tasty, frozen, healthy treat.

If you are serving alcohol, make sure you have light beers and a myriad of liquids to provide alcoholic drink options that aren’t calorie-laden, such as cranberry juice, sparkling water, and club soda.

Just in case, have all the nutritional information of everything you are serving on hand. From the number of calories to ingredients used, you may have guests inquire about such information.