How do I take his bottle away? Part 1

Your son seems very attached to his bottle, but now that he’s nearly 3, he should stop drinking from it or his new teeth may get cavities.
If you don’t want to stop the bottle “cold turkey,” you might consider setting a date about seven days ahead for the “bottle quit date,” and then gradually move toward that date.

Start by explaining to your son that “in a few days” he’ll have to give up the bottle. Consider having this conversation while he’s in your arms and drinking a bottle. Explain to him that big boys need to have strong, straight teeth and that using the bottle will make them decayed and crooked. Tell him you understand that he doesn’t want to give up the bottle, but that you’ll help him. He may protest and cry. Comfort him and say, “I know it’s hard.”

Then over the next few days give him a bottle two to three times a day, with only 4 ounces of milk (not juice, which can also promote tooth decay) each time, cutting down each day until he’s getting only 2 ounces in a bottle. Give him the bottle only when he sits in your lap, while you read him a book. If he wants more milk, offer him a cup. He’ll protest and may refuse the cup or throw it, in which case do not offer more. Don’t give in!

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