Leading to Win. Part 2

Disorganized. A disorganized leader is easy to spot. They are usually making excuses as to why they forgot things. This type of leader can be helped, however. Designating an assistant and providing leadership and organizational training can help, if followed up with a system to hold the person accountable for their improvement. If the disorganized leader is motivated and inspires employees to outstanding performance, then the leader is worth developing. However, if the person doesn’t improve, the bottom line will suffer and remedies must be applied. No leader should remain in leadership because they are “a nice person.” They should be moved to a position that matches their performance.

Overly proud. The best leaders are humble. They are not afraid to do anything they would ask their employees to do, while a poor leader is quick to criticize and directs in a condescending manner. When there are thanks to be given or accolades to be collected, a humble leader passes the gratitude around and does not glorify him or herself. A leader can make it clear that they are team-spirited by occasionally “jumping in” and helping in a hands-on manner. This type of action is well respected by employees.

Poor communicator. Poor leaders are poor communicators. Poor communicators are always operating in a condition of chaos and blaming everyone else for the lack of knowledge about what is going on in the club.

Blameshifting. Blameshifting occurs when something does not go as planned or when ineffective leaders get called on something they didn’t do, and they shift the blame to other employees. This is very counterproductive and destroys morale.

These are a few examples of poor leadership. Strong leaders are also easy to spot. Their employees are proud to be associated with them; they lead by example and are motivated. They rarely have a bad day and if they do, no one else knows it. Strong leaders look for ways to improve performance and get their job done in a positive manner. Strong leaders also recognize poor performance and move immediately to improve the situation. Strong leaders are the most important individuals in any facility. Ask yourself, what type of leader are you?

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