Lower Your LDL and Raise your HDL Cholesterol

If you have been told that you need to lower your total Cholesterol level, here are some easy ways to get that lower number.

1. Exercise: One half hour of aerobic exercise, at least four days a week, will lower your LDL and raise your HDL.

2. Low fat diet: Your target fat calories per serving is less than 30 percent of total calories per serving. Use a calculator while shopping. Food labels have both total and fat calories per serving listed on the label. Divide the fat calories by the total calories and multiply the result by 100. Try to find brands that have less fat calories than you usually purchase.

Saturated fat (should be less than 10 percent of calories), Polyunsaturated fat (should not exceed 10 percent of calories) and Mono-unsaturated fatty acids (make up the rest of the fat intake — about 10 percent of calories.

3. High soluble fiber: Research shows that diets high in soluble fiber can lower cholesterol as much as prescription medications. You need to consume 30 grams of fiber each day to benefit from the fiber. Try adding more whole grains, vegetables, beans and fruit to your diet.

4. Vitamin C (an antioxidant): Having a glass of orange juice each morning and then another 500 mg. Vitamin C supplement later in the day will help your arteries to be clean and prevent them from hardening.

5. One glass of red wine or eight to 12 ounces of dark grape juice: A serving each day will raise your HDL.

6. One clove of garlic: A clove a day will help lower your cholesterol. Most garlic tablets are odorless and are missing the ingredient that lowers cholesterol.

7. Cholesterol intake should not exceed 300 mg. per day.