Masters of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Post 2

As a result Yang Pan Hou’s Tai Chi Chuan style was not passed down, but he brought attention to Tai Chi Chuan’s incredible power.

Yang Ban Hou’s brother, Yang Jian Hou was good-natured and patient. He had the same severe training regimen and even attempted suicide from the hardship he had to endure. But he managed to reach the highest levels of the art. His sensitivity was so refined that he could keep a sparrow from flying off his palm by using ting jin or listening energy.

Yang Jian Hou is credited for creating the Medium Frame Form. He had many students and disciples. And the Medium Frame Form is still practiced to this day.

Yang Cheng Fu (1883-1936)

Yang Cheng Fu was Yang Jian Hou’s son and the third generation of Yang family Tai Chi Chuan masters. He trained very seriously as a youth and became a skillful master.

Yang Cheng Fu made Tai Chi Chuan available to all people by further modifying the traditional forms. He took the stamps, leaps and explosive fa jing out of the forms and created the Large Frame Style. This soft, slow moving and graceful form made Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan one of the most popular martial arts in the world.

Yang Cheng Fu had two books written for him to preserve the heritage of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan for future generations.

Yang Sau Chung (1910-1985)

Yang Sau Chung was Yang Cheng Fu’s eldest son. He, too, had to endure stringent training sessions from a young age. By the time Yang Sau Chung was 14 years old he was already assisting his father. And at 19, he instructed government officials throughout China. He published his father’s book, “The Complete Work of Tai Chi Chuan” in 1934 and wrote, “Tai Chi Chuan: Its Applications and Variations” in1962.