Masters of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Post 3

Grandmaster Yang was exceptional and practiced diligently until his death in 1985. His disciples were Tai-Tak, Chu Gin Soon, Chu King Hong.

Chu Gin Soon (b. 1932)

Master Chu Gin Soon began studying Tai Chi Chuan in Hong Kong under Master Lai Hok Soon in 1956. When Master Lai passed away in 1964, Chu Gin Soon became head master of the school. Afterward, he decided to go for advanced studies under Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung and relinquished the school to his fellow classmates.

In 1974, Grandmaster Yang accepted Master Chu as a disciple. He was considered a representative of the style and held responsible for maintaining and spreading traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan in North America.

The Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and is considered the standard of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.


The above descriptions are only short excerpts about the great Yang family masters and can only give a general idea of their skills and contributions. Their standard can only be maintained and perpetuated by those with genuine training and commitment.