Child Abuse in America Post 2

What are some indicators of emotional abuse? In emotional neglect an indicator would be apathetic or depressive behavior; anti-social or hostile responses; loss of appetite and refusal to eat or obesity. While physical abuse may be easily detected, sexual abuse is harder to identify.

Child Abuse in America Post 1

Since the 1960s, when the press discovered the “Battered Child Syndrome,” reported cases of child abuse have increased at an alarming rate. This year, close to two million such incidents will come to the light nationwide.

Healthy Eating for Life

How do we decide what is a healthy diet? Numerous inconsistent and contradictory nutritional health messages have left the general public confused and frustrated. Do we watch fat and not calories, fiber and fat, eat high protein or carbohydrates, or fast once a week? So many messages from so many apparently reliable sources have led many people to fad diets or to completely ignoring all dietary suggestions.

Normalcy on Trial

Do you only like to listen to a radio when all the lights are off? Perhaps your favorite sandwich is peanut butter with mustard. Maybe you are reading this from the confines of a Hughesian bubble for fear of germs. Does this sound like you? Then you might be normal.

Health of the Father

Fathers-to-be determine the sex of the unborn child in the fertilization process. Each sperm contains either an X or Y chromosome; female eggs contain only the X chromosome. The Y chromosome from the father produces a boy. Two X chromosomes, one from the mother and one from the father, produce a girl.

The Lighter Side of Running So, March Is Here…

I woke up on Thursday morning with energy and a motivation that I had not found in months, and it had to do with a simple fact; Thursday morning, at least at the time of this writing, marked our passage into the month of March.

The Honor of Fatherhood Post 3

Divorced non-custodial fathers often feel left out of the picture. They feel that because of the loss of their relationships, for whatever reason, with the children’s mother, they lose their relationship to their children. Most people start a family with the whole complete picture. Unfortunately, about half of all marriages do not make it these days. Large percentages of children live with one parent and have visitation with the other.

The Honor of Fatherhood Post 2

I teach the four Ls of parenting and fathering. The first L is Love. It is important that our children feel worthy of our love and feel that we truly love them. The second L is Like. Liking our children allows us to enjoy them as people. The third L is for Limits. Our job is to teach our children what they need to know to survive in this world. To that end, we must set limits for them. Consistent limits and consequences, not punishment, is a proven learning environment. The fourth and most powerful L is for Likeness. Our children will be a lot like us. Identification and imitation is how children learn who they are.

Diabetics Don’t Know Enough

Many diabetics are unaware of the causes and risks of heart disease, the most common complication and cause of death among diabetics.  A limited understanding of heart disease and other aspects of diabetes may prevent many from taking steps to lead healthier and more enjoyable lives.

The Honor of Fatherhood Post 1

I remember sitting with a group of men. We had just watched a video about the men’s consciousness movement. We were to discuss our thoughts and feelings about being men in this society. Many of us did not know what to say. We had never really questioned it.