Visions of Sores, Part 1

As thoughts of summer vacation enter the minds of some, one writer shares a nightmare of a vacation tale about s’mores, a camper and a lot of rain.

Swiss Ball Seated Isometric Leg Extension

Starting Position:
Begin by sitting on the ball with your feet on the floor, shoulder width apart, and an approximate 90-degree angle in your knees. Keep the upper torso erect and the arms outstretched to each side.

Groin Injuries in Football Players

Members who lift weights to train for football may be at higher risk for groin injuries. New findings have shown a correlation between heavy squat lifting and groin injuries, especially in skill position players.

An Overview of Recreational Scuba Diving

From Master Scuba Diver Trainer Verena Sandstede, here is a look at recreational scuba diving from training and certification to equipment and other types of scuba diving. This is the complete guide for anyone curious about scuba diving.

What S.C.U.B.A. Stands for

The acronym ‘S.C.U.B.A.’stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Although there are different methods of submersing under water, which include breath-hold diving, helmet diving, etc., scuba is solely carried by the diver and is not connected to the surface.

Why Scuba Certification Is Important

There are potential hazards relating to scuba diving that divers need to know. Without the proper training and education, divers may not be aware of such hazards that include de-compression sickness, air embolism, hypothermia, physical exhaustion, marine life injuries and out-of-air emergencies. Despite these potential problems, diving is one of the safest sports, if divers are healthy and properly trained, dives are carefully planned and recreational dive limits are followed.

These topics are covered extensively in the entry-level scuba diving course, referred to as the open water course by P.A.D.I., Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

I highly recommend PADI over all other certifying agencies because of their excellent teaching standards and course structures. Divers are sure to receive the best training available worldwide through PADI.

But the Kid Signed a Waiver

The conventional wisdom for fitness professionals is that waivers do not work with minors. While in most states this may still be true, recent cases in some states indicate that waivers may provide some liability protection for fitness professionals who work with minors.

What Can I Do if I Have Low Vision?

Many people with low vision are taking charge. They want more information about devices and services that can help them keep their independence.

Talk with your eye care professional — It’s important to talk with your eye care professional about your vision problems.

Decades of Change

It’s been almost eight years since the implementation of Healthy People 2000, the national health objectives set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 1990. For many of us, eight years seems like a blink of an eye. But while we were blinking, we came a long way to understanding the benefits of exercise on health and well-being. This understanding has matured our industry at a rate normally seen only in high-tech industries.

How do I take his bottle away? Part 2

Then decrease to one bottle a day, given in your arms at bedtime, as you read him a book. The next day offer the bottle with only water in it. He may refuse it. The next evening sit together at the kitchen table having milk in a cup or eating yogurt with a spoon; read him a bedtime story, and do not give a bottle.

How do I take his bottle away? Part 1

Your son seems very attached to his bottle, but now that he’s nearly 3, he should stop drinking from it or his new teeth may get cavities.
If you don’t want to stop the bottle “cold turkey,” you might consider setting a date about seven days ahead for the “bottle quit date,” and then gradually move toward that date.

Low-Cost Esteem Boosters From Coach Pat Miller

Visit a bookstore with a coffee shop and enjoy both. Ask a friend to hug you.