How Drugs Get From the Test Tubes to Us, Part 2

“Do you want to participate in this trial, or another trial? Do you want to get the standard treatment? Or do you want to get no treatment at all? These are all valid, rational options,” Finn said.

How Drugs Get From the Test Tubes to Us, Part 1

With all the advances that have been made so far, we’ve come to expect that medical science can successfully treat much of what ails us. And if there isn’t a solution at the moment, we like to think that one is just around the corner.

Holey planning

The future belongs to creativity; our knowledge belongs to the past. If this is true, how does the presently successful business prepare to be even more successful in the future? A short answer is: With great difficulty.

Bracing for Golf

A golfer’s passion for the sport can sometimes result in injury. The desire to consistently make the weekly tee time can force golfers to use braces and protective equipment — allowing the golfer to play at all costs. However, consistent use may mask injuries or conditions that need treatment or rehabilitation.

Limeade Spritzer

A light, refreshing alternative to soda and lemonade.
3/4 cup fresh lime juice
1/3 cup sugar
5 cups club soda or seltzer, chilled

Your Child and the Benefits of Human Growth Hormones. Part 2

How To Get Ready To Be Treated with HGH

When you are thinking about utlizing HGH, you have to allow the doctor to monitor the child’s progress. Regular monitoring and testing will be required to ensure expected results and normal body functioning. Typically, extremely short or little children can be helped with HGH.

Your Child and the Benefits of Human Growth Hormones. Part 1

Administering HGH via supplement, injection or medication can help a child grow. Insufficient growth and development in children can be linked to a number of different medical conditions. Actually, HGH was made for young children who were not developing at a regular rate.

What You Can Do About Lead Poisoning

Ask your pediatrician to give your child a blood test for lead. This is the only way to know the level in your child’s blood. All further actions stem from this knowledge.

Tobacco Pharmacology

All commercial tobacco products are effective nicotine/drug delivery devices.
All commercial tobacco products are toxic when used as intended. So-called light cigarettes are not less toxic, and consumers are deceived to believe they are.

Chromosome Breakage May Predict Cancer Risk

The sensitivity of an individual’s chromosomes to breakage by a cancer drug is largely inherited, say Dutch researchers.

The findings suggest that “a common genetic susceptibility to DNA damage can exist in the general population,” the team write in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.