Studies Point Way to New Anthrax Therapies. Part 1

Research Excites Officials, But Won’t Help in Current Outbreak

Two new studies in the journal Nature give scientists a window onto the way anthrax bacteria kills its cellular prey.

Can We Fix Physical Education

Physical education has a terrible rep. PE programs are often said to be free-play, learn-nothing courses taught by unqualified, incompetent teachers who set few standards, exert little guidance and extract little achievement. Some of children’s most devastating mental scars were cut in gym class.

Death of a Salesman?

If making a sale were as simple as comparing bids online, then every Willy Loman in the world would soon be out of a job. The reality is that personal relationships still matter. has streamlined the bidding process, but nothing beats a golden voice or hearty handshake to close the deal.

Grilled Tuna Packets

4 tuna steaks (4 ounces each)
3/4 cup sliced mushrooms
8 baby carrots

Does Your Job Give You a Headache

If you crunch numbers for a living, chances are your head hurts so often you’ve rubbed your forehead raw, a new survey shows.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. — the maker of Exedrin — used the Internet to question 5,210 professionals in 10 fields to find out which occupation creates the most headaches. The survey results coincided with last week’s National Headache Awareness Week.

Important Issues for Medical Fitness Centers

One important issue faced by operators at medical fitness centers, according to Wing, is balancing profit margin and the center’s mission. She explains, “Medically based programs are available to the entire community based on need in most of our facilities, either through a ‘scholarship’ or outright charity care. The provision of these services needs to be offset by revenue from memberships and other programs.” The community also is important in raising funds, as is diligence in managing expenses, particularly labor, Wing explains.

32,000 Good Men

Prostate Cancer Study

Can taking dietary supplements help ward off prostate cancer? The National Cancer Institute has launched the largest-ever study of its kind to find out.

And it needs 32,400 men to step up and take part in the trial, the NCI announced today.

General Tips to Remember

It would be nice to just make up any game and assume that your members will like it. Unfortunately, that’s too big of a gamble to take. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when designing a new program for your members to enjoy.

No, Classes are Part of Membership

The majority of respondents who felt that fitness facilities should not charge extra for special group classes felt that these classes should be included as part of membership. Says one such respondent, “I do not think an extra fee should be charged for specialty classes. A membership fee should include the privilege of attending any class on the schedule — even specialty classes.”

Cancer Screening Research. Part 3

The combined technology has many applications, Zimmer says. For instance, it can help locate and photograph very small, but profound tumors and malformations.

“Sooner or later these have to be removed and they can be very tiny — a millimeter or less,” said Zimmer, who adds that the scan can help surgeons better pinpoint a target.