Cancer Screening Research. Part 2

Computerizing Cancer Detection
Computer-aided diagnosis, or CAD, also is catching the eyes of many researchers. While not approved as a first analysis, computer software now exists to help radiologists spot early-stage cancers that might otherwise have been missed, according to a study presented in June 1999 at the “Era of Hope” meeting on breast cancer research in Atlanta.

Cancer Screening Research. Part 1

The Ultimate Treatment Is Catching It Early, Researchers Say

Just 20 years ago, leukemia, Hodgkin’s Disease and testicular cancer were devastating, often deadly diagnoses.

The advent of sophisticated cancer therapies and the promise of high-tech treatments such as stereotactic radiosurgery are extending lives and transforming once nearly untreatable cancers from death sentences into winnable wars.

What if my Legs can’t go Another Minute

If you are new to an exercise program, don’t worry about rating your exertion. You will need to condition your body to the exercise before RPE will be accurate. RPE is designed to reflect the cardiovascular and metabolic impact of exercise intensity — how hard your heart is working and how many calories you are burning. So when local fatigue dominates the scene, RPE will not be a reliable indicator of true exercise intensity. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore fatigue. Pain always calls for analysis and response: strengthening, stretching or resting overloaded muscles and joints should help.

Staffing and Education

Typically, the aerobics director would be responsible for this program, unless you decide to select someone else.

In any event, it is important to know if the chosen person is motivated about heading up the program, is interested in teaching it, has the time to regulate upkeep of the equipment and is able to enforce the reservation policies.

Are You Putting Your Fertility at Risk?

Trying to get your partner pregnant and it isn’t working? There is a 40 percent chance you either have low sperm count or your sperm are poor fallopian canal swimmers.

Once you have ruled out the chance it might your partner’s problem — due to age, or ovulation or anatomical problems — what do you do?

Fitness Redefined

The exercising public has taken our lead to become more knowledgeable about the process of acquiring health and fitness. The term “fitness” itself has evolved to include a variety of activities and sports, indoors and out. More than a predictable three-hour-a-week indoor commitment, fitness has become a lifestyle for many consumers, and for fitness professionals. Simplicity is key, and health clubs open to offering a variety of group activities will prosper in the years to come with a consistently more loyal member base.

Do you Emphasize Support Systems

Though you cannot be personally dedicated to each one of your students, you can provide opportunities for them to find support within their classes and among other members.

Heat Stroke Risk Rises With Energy Woes. Part 2

The CDC says more people die from hot weather than from hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes put together. Between 1979 and 1998, a total of 7,421 deaths in the United States were heat-related, the government says, and about 300 people die each year from heat exposure.

Heat Stroke Risk Rises With Energy Woes. Part 1

The government is concerned that soaring utility costs in the West could cause another statistic to rise: heat-related health problems.

Energy problems in California and the Southwest could have a serious effect on heat-related injury and death, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns.

Parrish Health and Fitness

Hospital environments can be stale, especially when it comes to motivating individuals to participate in an exercise program. So when designing the Parrish Health and Fitness facility to house its hospital-based health and fitness program, the focus was on creating a relaxing environment that would encourage social interaction. The result was a 38,500-square-foot facility with a park-like, social atmosphere that has doubled membership, involved the community and been heralded by the mayor as one of the finest new buildings in the city.