Healthy Catering How To Appease All Your Guests

With Memorial Day right around the corner, many are officially kicking off the start of summer and warmer weather means weddings, parties, and all kinds of celebrations.

Making Good Choices in Difficult Places. Part 2


Blot your bacon with a napkin to remove some of the oil. (This is a good practice for all grease-laden food!) Ask your server if they have turkey-based bacon or sausage. Skip the meat (and the fat and nitrites) altogether. Ask to substitute fresh fruit or low-fat yogurt. Restaurants are becoming more aware of customers’ need of healthy alternatives. Some are now offering these kinds of substitutions.

Making Good Choices in Difficult Places. Part 1

Restaurants are some of the most difficult places to follow a low-fat diet. They lure us inside with large servings and tempt us with buttery dishes. But eating out does not have to be a disaster. Think through your options, ask for what you want, and make good choices.

Testing for Colon Cancer

Q.My boyfriend’s father had colon cancer (not of the genetic variety). My boyfriend has had some inconsistencies with his bowel movements (urgency, diarrhea and constipation).

Bugs That Heal

Creepy, crawly leeches to help heal some patients. It’s true! Leeches — little critters the size of sunflower seeds — are safe, painless and they really work.

Sex Week: Help for Hot Flashes?

I have tried herb after herb and I still can’t find the right combination to get rid of my hot flashes. I’m desperate. Can you help?

It’s interesting how medicine has transformed a natural phase in the cycle of women’s bodies into a disorder.

Masters of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Post 3

Grandmaster Yang was exceptional and practiced diligently until his death in 1985. His disciples were Tai-Tak, Chu Gin Soon, Chu King Hong.

Masters of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Post 2

As a result Yang Pan Hou’s Tai Chi Chuan style was not passed down, but he brought attention to Tai Chi Chuan’s incredible power.

Masters of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Post 1

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan has a worldwide appeal that continues to grow in popularity. The standard of this wonderful art was established by the great masters of the past and is maintained by its present masters.

Midwifery in the ’90s

Birth is natural

Nurse-midwives view birth as a natural, normal process that does not necessarily require medical intervention. For low-risk, healthy women, CNMs can offer some of the same services a physician can.