Solutions for Every Exercise Obstacle

“I can’t exercise because I have no time.”
Split up your workout. Weight-train in the morning and do aerobics later on; or do several bouts of aerobics.Work while you work out. Read mail, memos, journals.

Time yourself. If you can’t get a good workout in under 45 minutes, you’re wasting time somewhere.

“I can’t exercise because I’m too busy carpooling.”
Twenty-five percent of car trips are less than one mile. Between traffic and finding a place to park, it may actually be faster to walk. Try it. Get your kids in on it too.

“I can’t exercise because It takes time away from my family.”
Play outside with your kids. A game of tag or hopscotch burns five calories per minute. Bike with them and you’ll burn eight calories a minute.

“I can’t exercise because I’m too tired.”
Aim to do half a workout. Once you’ve started, you may find you can keep going.

Have a snack. Low blood sugar can make you feel lackluster.

“I can’t exercise because it’s too boring.”
Disguise it. Go window shopping. Walk to an open house. Get cracking on a major yard cleanup.

Schedule exercise around a routine task. Treat your dog to a 20-minute neighborhood tour. Out to lunch? Take a 15-minute walk and try a new restaurant.”I can’t exercise because I’d rather watch TV.”

No need to miss your favorite shows; just lift weights or pedal an exercise bike while you watch.