Spiritual Parenting, Part 1

Personal spirituality has become a hot topic and now psychologists are examining the spirituality of the family — how a set of shared beliefs can help families weather a crisis. It’s easy for hectic schedules to eliminate any time for such reflection, but unearthing and nourishing the spirit of your family can have transformational results.

Spirituality Is?
Some people believe a divine or sacred core underlies everyday life. Spirituality is an awareness of that underlying divine base. Spirituality is an ongoing search for meaning that often involves an appreciation for creation and the natural world, as well as a connection to something larger than ourselves. A spiritual consciousness can be activated when we are making mud pies, singing a lullaby, observing a spider web or deep in meditation. Spirituality is a base from which self-esteem, values, morals and a sense of belonging grows. It can help give life direction and meaning.

Spiritual Parenting Is?
Spiritual parenting occurs when we expand this spiritual awareness to include our children’s vivid inner lives. When we approach our kids as grand spiritual beings housed in little bodies, we are parenting spiritually. Not limited to any one religion’s teachings, spiritual parenting is an authentic, honest way of interacting with our children day to day.

Spiritual parenting is an attitude and consciousness, rather than a scientific approach or a formula to follow. It can help parents acknowledge, connect, love and honor their children’s very beings. When we incorporate a spiritual awareness into our days, all areas of our lives seem to flourish. Like our kids, we awake to the wonder of daily life, shedding stress and opening ourselves up to joy.

Spirituality Helps Kids Thrive

Encouraging children to create an intimate relationship with their spirits can help increase their self-esteem — they feel connected to something greater than themselves, which gives them hope. Kids feel empowered when they have a belief system to count on.

It appears that children who have a solid sense of spirit have a stronger immunity to illness and are better able to handle the ups and downs life throws their way.