Staffing and Education

Typically, the aerobics director would be responsible for this program, unless you decide to select someone else.

In any event, it is important to know if the chosen person is motivated about heading up the program, is interested in teaching it, has the time to regulate upkeep of the equipment and is able to enforce the reservation policies.

Instructors who teach this program should be CPR-certified. Aerobics and fitness certifications, as well as cycling experience, are helpful but not absolutely necessary if the instructor has undergone a good training program.

Many different types of people make good instructors for this type of program. Some examples would be aerobics instructors, fitness instructors, personal trainers and cycling enthusiasts. Even yoga and karate teachers are good because of their ability to motivate people.

Paying these instructors is another issue. If you don’t charge for the classes, set a sliding pay scale based on the number of people who attend each class. This always motivates instructors to market their classes more aggressively. If you are charging and have 20 or more bikes, you may want to consider paying instructors $1 to $3 per participant. Or, pay them the rate instructors are normally paid for other one-hour class formats.

If you charge and only have 10 to 15 bikes, you may want to pay a low base rate plus a per-head charge for each person in the class. Or, just pay a flat rate with an agreement that the instructor will help motivate people to take classes. Be considerate with regards to time of day. Prime-time classes will always be easier to fill.