Summer Headaches

It’s hot, it’s humid, and your head is pounding! When the mercury rises, so does the number of headaches.
Just ask a pain specialist — phone calls to headache clinics increase dramatically during the summer.

The heat and humidity alone can trigger migraines for some people. Changes in barometric pressure can cause headaches, too — even when the temperature cools as a storm moves in.

Sound like a losing battle? It’s not.

While it’s almost impossible to avoid the heat and humidity, staying out of the sun will help. At the very least, wear a hat. Better yet — stay indoors. Turn on the air conditioner. Use an ice pack to keep cool. Drink plenty of water.

Summertime triggers can include your favorite picnic foods. You may have to “go easy” on them or avoid them altogether:

hot dogs
wine and beer
Don’t suffer this summer! The good news about migraines is that there are medications that will ease your pain, and some that may even prevent the problem in the first place.