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Swiss Ball Seated Isometric Leg Extension

Starting Position:
Begin by sitting on the ball with your feet on the floor, shoulder width apart, and an approximate 90-degree angle in your knees. Keep the upper torso erect and the arms outstretched to each side. read more

Tobacco Pharmacology

All commercial tobacco products are effective nicotine/drug delivery devices.
All commercial tobacco products are toxic when used as intended. So-called light cigarettes are not less toxic, and consumers are deceived to believe they are. read more

From Medicine Woman to Miracle Mom Part 2

The “purr-fect” inspiration
During her pregnancy, Seymour would go for sonograms, referring to the twins in her stomach as “this one and that one.” “I’d say, ‘How’s this one doing?’ and James would chime in, ‘What about that one?'” she recalls. “After they were born, we thought it would make a great children’s book, so we wrote a story about twin kittens who are named This One and That One.” They turned their idea into two books for Putnam Publishing, a line of children’s clothes and toys, and an animated movie, which is planned for a spring 1999 release. read more