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Healthy Catering How To Appease All Your Guests

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Making Good Choices in Difficult Places. Part 2


Blot your bacon with a napkin to remove some of the oil. (This is a good practice for all grease-laden food!) Ask your server if they have turkey-based bacon or sausage. Skip the meat (and the fat and nitrites) altogether. Ask to substitute fresh fruit or low-fat yogurt. Restaurants are becoming more aware of customers’ need of healthy alternatives. Some are now offering these kinds of substitutions.

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Making Good Choices in Difficult Places. Part 1

Restaurants are some of the most difficult places to follow a low-fat diet. They lure us inside with large servings and tempt us with buttery dishes. But eating out does not have to be a disaster. Think through your options, ask for what you want, and make good choices.

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Nutritionists Underestimate Fat, Calories in Restaurant Sized Portions

Even nutritionists can be fooled by the portion sizes of entrees served in restaurants. Over 200 trained dietitians were questioned on their ability to identify how many calories and fat grams existed in five typical restaurant meals. Not one participant accurately calculated all five meals, and some underestimated fat grams by as much as 49 percent and calories by as much as 37 percent.

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Classic ratatouille is a robust Mediterranean stew of summer vegetables. We’ve adapted the dish, reducing the amount of oil, replacing the traditional eggplant with yellow squash and modifying the seasonings to come up with a savory topping for baked potatoes (or pasta). Serve as a hearty side dish or a light entree.

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