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But the Kid Signed a Waiver

The conventional wisdom for fitness professionals is that waivers do not work with minors. While in most states this may still be true, recent cases in some states indicate that waivers may provide some liability protection for fitness professionals who work with minors. read more

Older Fathers, Schizophrenic Children. Part 2

Statistically, a child fathered by a man older than age 40 has a one in 200 chance of having a genetic abnormality — not just schizophrenia. Consider this: While men make sperm throughout their lifetime, the older the man is the more gene mutations (or changes in the DNA code) there may be in his sperm because the sperm producing cells have had to duplicate so many times. read more

What You Can Do About Lead Poisoning

Ask your pediatrician to give your child a blood test for lead. This is the only way to know the level in your child’s blood. All further actions stem from this knowledge. read more