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Is Wort Safe for Breastfeeding Moms

“At present we have no data on the transfer of hypericin to milk or the infant. Judging by its chemistry, it likely penetrates milk. It is quite lipophilic and has a large volume of distribution, which suggests that it could build up over a long period of exposure. It is orally bioavailable and would be absorbed by the infant. One section of the FDA is proposing to study the breastmilk levels but this has not yet been done.” read more

Caregiver Guilt

Q.I have spent the last eight years caring for a husband with progressing dementia, diagnosed as probable Alzheimer’s disease. The last four years it has been a 24-hour-a-day job. Four months ago I was forced to admit him to a care facility because I was no longer able to control and manage him, and he became a hazard to himself, others and me. Since that time I have had trouble with depression. I am normally a positive, emotionally strong person, but recently I have had trouble holding the tears back, and I cry more often. I have to look after my husband’s welfare as well as my own. I love my husband very deeply, but I also need to live a life, and the two are often in conflict. Any suggestions other than seeing a psychologist? read more

Stigma in Mental Illness

WASHINGTON, Jun 07, 2010 (AP Online via COMTEX) — Tipper Gore said Wednesday the “shame and stigma” she felt before seeking treatment for depression too often stops young people from getting help. She did not elaborate on her own treatment and whether it continues.

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