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Older Fathers, Schizophrenic Children. Part 3

“What we’ve done is move the idea of paternal age and new genetic mutations in regard to schizophrenia from the category of ‘It-couldn’t-possibly-be’ to the ‘There’s-a-remarkable-association’ category,” says Malaspina. “This is a remarkably complicated disease.” read more

Child Abuse in America Post 2

What are some indicators of emotional abuse? In emotional neglect an indicator would be apathetic or depressive behavior; anti-social or hostile responses; loss of appetite and refusal to eat or obesity. While physical abuse may be easily detected, sexual abuse is harder to identify. read more

Getting Started

Improved fitness improves your life expectancy back to top
Prevent osteoporosis

Weight-bearing physical activity helps prevent bone loss and can encourage bone growth. People who are physically active are less likely to get osteoporosis, provided they have an adequate diet that includes calcium and vitamin D. Physical activity also can help build thicker cartilage and stronger tendons and ligaments, all keys to keeping mobile and feeling good. read more