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Are You Putting Your Fertility at Risk?

Trying to get your partner pregnant and it isn’t working? There is a 40 percent chance you either have low sperm count or your sperm are poor fallopian canal swimmers.

Once you have ruled out the chance it might your partner’s problem — due to age, or ovulation or anatomical problems — what do you do?

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Heat Stroke Risk Rises With Energy Woes. Part 1

The government is concerned that soaring utility costs in the West could cause another statistic to rise: heat-related health problems.

Energy problems in California and the Southwest could have a serious effect on heat-related injury and death, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns. read more

Diabetics Don’t Know Enough

Many diabetics are unaware of the causes and risks of heart disease, the most common complication and cause of death among diabetics.  A limited understanding of heart disease and other aspects of diabetes may prevent many from taking steps to lead healthier and more enjoyable lives.

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