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Swiss Ball Seated Isometric Leg Extension

Starting Position:
Begin by sitting on the ball with your feet on the floor, shoulder width apart, and an approximate 90-degree angle in your knees. Keep the upper torso erect and the arms outstretched to each side. read more

No, Classes are Part of Membership

The majority of respondents who felt that fitness facilities should not charge extra for special group classes felt that these classes should be included as part of membership. Says one such respondent, “I do not think an extra fee should be charged for specialty classes. A membership fee should include the privilege of attending any class on the schedule — even specialty classes.” read more

What if my Legs can’t go Another Minute

If you are new to an exercise program, don’t worry about rating your exertion. You will need to condition your body to the exercise before RPE will be accurate. RPE is designed to reflect the cardiovascular and metabolic impact of exercise intensity — how hard your heart is working and how many calories you are burning. So when local fatigue dominates the scene, RPE will not be a reliable indicator of true exercise intensity. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore fatigue. Pain always calls for analysis and response: strengthening, stretching or resting overloaded muscles and joints should help. read more

Parrish Health and Fitness

Hospital environments can be stale, especially when it comes to motivating individuals to participate in an exercise program. So when designing the Parrish Health and Fitness facility to house its hospital-based health and fitness program, the focus was on creating a relaxing environment that would encourage social interaction. The result was a 38,500-square-foot facility with a park-like, social atmosphere that has doubled membership, involved the community and been heralded by the mayor as one of the finest new buildings in the city. read more