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Groin Injuries in Football Players

Members who lift weights to train for football may be at higher risk for groin injuries. New findings have shown a correlation between heavy squat lifting and groin injuries, especially in skill position players. read more

Bracing for Golf

A golfer’s passion for the sport can sometimes result in injury. The desire to consistently make the weekly tee time can force golfers to use braces and protective equipment — allowing the golfer to play at all costs. However, consistent use may mask injuries or conditions that need treatment or rehabilitation. read more

Group Weight Training

Studies have shown that weight training can reduce fat while increasing lean muscle, reversing bone loss, and increasing energy and balance. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, after a year of weight training twice a week, women?s bodies were 15 to 20 years more youthful. read more

Being Active Will Benefit Your Detoxification Progression

So, you’ve made the choice to undergo a physical detox program. This might consist of a three to seven day herbal and fiber treatment, or another structured method of colon cleansing.

You have even started the process of altering your diet and liquid intake. Well there is another key element to this whole process that deserves consideration and that is physical exercise.
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