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Making Good Choices in Difficult Places. Part 2


Blot your bacon with a napkin to remove some of the oil. (This is a good practice for all grease-laden food!) Ask your server if they have turkey-based bacon or sausage. Skip the meat (and the fat and nitrites) altogether. Ask to substitute fresh fruit or low-fat yogurt. Restaurants are becoming more aware of customers’ need of healthy alternatives. Some are now offering these kinds of substitutions.

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Healthy Eating for Life

How do we decide what is a healthy diet? Numerous inconsistent and contradictory nutritional health messages have left the general public confused and frustrated. Do we watch fat and not calories, fiber and fat, eat high protein or carbohydrates, or fast once a week? So many messages from so many apparently reliable sources have led many people to fad diets or to completely ignoring all dietary suggestions.

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