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Carers to Get Free Entry to Venues

Carers to get free entry to venues
The Advertiser 09apr06

CARERS of the disabled in Western Australia were to get free entry to more than 130 sporting and entertainment venues under a new government-funded scheme. read more

The Honor of Fatherhood Post 2

I teach the four Ls of parenting and fathering. The first L is Love. It is important that our children feel worthy of our love and feel that we truly love them. The second L is Like. Liking our children allows us to enjoy them as people. The third L is for Limits. Our job is to teach our children what they need to know to survive in this world. To that end, we must set limits for them. Consistent limits and consequences, not punishment, is a proven learning environment. The fourth and most powerful L is for Likeness. Our children will be a lot like us. Identification and imitation is how children learn who they are. read more