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Visions of Sores, Part 2

The next morning we were invited to the camp church service. It was come-as-you-are style so we went damp and wet. Friendly people with umbrellas greeted us as we ducked under the pavilion for cover. A simple chorus was sung before the minister shared a brief word. Loud shouts broke out in thanksgiving for the recent rain. They had been praying for rain since they were in a drought! We promptly packed up the camper and headed north in search of the sun. read more

Important Issues for Medical Fitness Centers

One important issue faced by operators at medical fitness centers, according to Wing, is balancing profit margin and the center’s mission. She explains, “Medically based programs are available to the entire community based on need in most of our facilities, either through a ‘scholarship’ or outright charity care. The provision of these services needs to be offset by revenue from memberships and other programs.” The community also is important in raising funds, as is diligence in managing expenses, particularly labor, Wing explains. read more

The Honor of Fatherhood Post 3

Divorced non-custodial fathers often feel left out of the picture. They feel that because of the loss of their relationships, for whatever reason, with the children’s mother, they lose their relationship to their children. Most people start a family with the whole complete picture. Unfortunately, about half of all marriages do not make it these days. Large percentages of children live with one parent and have visitation with the other. read more