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Cancer Screening Research. Part 2

Computerizing Cancer Detection
Computer-aided diagnosis, or CAD, also is catching the eyes of many researchers. While not approved as a first analysis, computer software now exists to help radiologists spot early-stage cancers that might otherwise have been missed, according to a study presented in June 1999 at the “Era of Hope” meeting on breast cancer research in Atlanta.

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Fitness Redefined

The exercising public has taken our lead to become more knowledgeable about the process of acquiring health and fitness. The term “fitness” itself has evolved to include a variety of activities and sports, indoors and out. More than a predictable three-hour-a-week indoor commitment, fitness has become a lifestyle for many consumers, and for fitness professionals. Simplicity is key, and health clubs open to offering a variety of group activities will prosper in the years to come with a consistently more loyal member base. read more

The lost art of human technology

Looking back at our society in agricultural times, we started out providing for ourselves by what we could physically do (i.e. hunting, fishing and planting). Then we progressed to use horses and oxen to assist in our labor. Part of the drive to bring slaves to this country was because human beings were the technology of the times.

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