The lost art of human technology

Looking back at our society in agricultural times, we started out providing for ourselves by what we could physically do (i.e. hunting, fishing and planting). Then we progressed to use horses and oxen to assist in our labor. Part of the drive to bring slaves to this country was because human beings were the technology of the times.

Once tractors were invented it revolutionized farming. And it was one of the greatest influences in freeing the slaves. With the increase in technology, it wasn’t necessary to use human beings in the same way. The same influence and progression can be seen in families. At one time we were interdependent with one another. Human lives were a necessity for society to continue and because of this women and children had a valued role to play. The more technology has been infused in our lives, the less value we’ve placed on human lives.

Since the industrial revolution, technology has accelerated our society. At an ever increasing rate, it is technology, not human beings, which society is relying on for its growth and expansion. So now we find ourselves at the end of human beings leading technology and instead, technology leading and directing our lives. It is no longer an add-on to us. After 1930, technology started directing our lives, and we have found ourselves in worlds we no longer recognize. As a direct result relationships had to change. Because the usage of people has changed. Since technology can produce more, with more consistency, and less manpower, this has reduced the necessity for children. We now see more women not married, and not bearing children. So just as technology freed the slaves, it has also freed women. And women are no longer confined to roles of wife and mother as a necessity. This release has created a massive shit in:

  • the relationship between man and women
  • the necessity of having children
  • the necessity for society to protect women and children in marriage
  • women’s roles, identity and surge for independence and individuality
  • human life being devalued with birth control and abortions
  • the increase of women in the work force and working mothers

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