Transplant Patients Benefit From Exercise

People who receive transplants do not have to sit on the sidelines anymore. Recent studies have shown that exercise can help boost endurance and performance levels in transplant patients, even allowing many to participate in competitive sports.

In one study published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 1999, researchers found that heart transplant patients who participated in aerobic exercise programs had more endurance after six months than those who did not participate in a program. The researchers concluded that exercise training increases the capacity for activity. In another study published in the American College of Chest Physician’s Journal in 1998, researchers found that lung transplant patients who trained on stationary bicycles had improved athletic performance.

People with transplanted organs may not have the same exercise abilities as people with their own organs, but researchers believe that the difference in performance is small. Many transplant patients are able to play competitive sports just as well as people who have their own organs, and the new organs show no limitations on their performance.

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