Visions of Sores, Part 2

The next morning we were invited to the camp church service. It was come-as-you-are style so we went damp and wet. Friendly people with umbrellas greeted us as we ducked under the pavilion for cover. A simple chorus was sung before the minister shared a brief word. Loud shouts broke out in thanksgiving for the recent rain. They had been praying for rain since they were in a drought! We promptly packed up the camper and headed north in search of the sun.

We traveled 100 miles to find a dry campsite near the lake. Sunburned faces surrounding us let us know the sun had been there recently. We set up camp as dusk fell. We looked forward to finally having family bonding time sitting around the fire. My husband made a roaring campfire. The kids got their sticks and marshmallows ready to make s’mores. We closed our eyes to listen to the crackling sounds of the fire. Rain suddenly began to bounce off the camper. We barely made it to cover before the downpour. We were certain by now that we were on “Candid Camera.”

Through a few dry moments we managed to take a hike and have a picnic. The calendar revealed to us that it was time to go home. Once again we packed up our soggy belongings and floated toward home. We tried to laugh to keep from crying. We stopped at our in-laws to get the camper cleaned up before taking it back to my brother. It had rained there also, which was no big surprise. The grass was very soggy. The camper began to slide down the hill it was wedged on. All I could think of was I was going to get physically removed from the family tree if anything happened to my brothers’ camper. The wheels of the camper caught onto a downed tree trunk from the storm.

It teetered there until my brother-in-law helped get it out of the mud with his truck. We returned the clean camper to my brother. When he asked if we would like to use it again sometime we said no.

We spent the next day resting at home and drying out. We melted marshmallows in the microwave and smashed them together with chocolate and grahams. It was a fun, relaxing, dry day sitting around the kitchen eating s’mores.