What do Women Really Want?

Perhaps Mel Gibson? A recent film released for the holiday season gives the Mel Gibson character the power to hear everything women are thinking. Still, however, it is unclear to many men, and even women, what exactly women want.

Because in this day and age it seems that there really aren’t any rules for dating … men no longer have to sit in the living room with Dad nearby in order to spend time with the women of his affections; and women no longer need to wait for Mr. Right to ride up on a white horse. Most women prefer the freedom to choose a mate for themselves.

These days, it seems that almost anything goes. What was considered preposterous before the feminist movement may be considered the norm today. From the influence of the counter-cultural movements of the ’60s and ’70’s to the “Like a Virgin” album of Madonna in the ’80s and back to the moralities of Dr. Laura Schlessinger in the ’90s, it seems that single truths about love and dating no longer exist.

I decided to ask a few of my male friends what they think women want first; after all, this is where all the confusion starts, right? If only the guys were not thinking that women want certain things and instead listening and observing, maybe then they would really know what they want. However, one of the problems might be this: Women, mostly younger women, want the guys who do not bother to find out what women want. (This goes along with the old adage, “nice guys finish last.”)

Here is a list of responses from guys regarding what they think women want:


A man with a nice car

A doctor, lawyer or CEO

Gucci bags

Equality … a man who does not open all the doors and pay for everything

Chivalry … a man who opens doors and pays for everything

A tall, good-looking knight in shining armor with all of his hair on his head

The Marlboro Man

Lots of attention

Affection, lots of kisses

A man who is “well-endowed”

The president of the United States

A man who calls on Wednesday night to ask her out for Saturday night

A guitarist who will sing ballads under her balcony

“I don’t know at all what women want, but women definitely want men who can figure out what they want and give it to them, even if they don’t know exactly what they want themselves.”

Basically, I think most women would like a guy to whom she is attracted, who is attracted to her of course, has his act together, and is considerate of her needs, feelings, wants and desires. How difficult can this be?