Whose Been Sleeping In My Bed

Antoni gets a new house mate and things at the Abbott house may never be the same.

Someone has been sleeping in Antoni’s bed and it’s Phyllis! The two of them are cozier than two peas in a pod and looking more and more like the next Y&R supercouple.

Phyllis and Jack are both really in love with each other and they want to move the relationship to the next level. In Phyllis’ mind the next level is living together and since Jack lives in such a BIG house it would be better for her to move in there. Or so she thinks. But what will the other Abbott’s think about their newest house mate?

You can take it to the bank that Ashley will be very unhappy that Phyllis has moved in with Jack. She has been against the relationship from the start and seeing Phyllis living in the Abbott home is not going to sit very well with her at all. I am sure the sparks will be flying!

Jack on the other hand is going to be thrilled with this arrangement. He is truly in love with Phyllis and he feels like he can let go and be free with her. Maybe if Ashley sees how truly happy Jack is with Phyllis she will stop trying to interfere in the relationship.

Jack and Phyllis living together will certainly make for some interesting times at the Abbott house. The only downside is that the tensions at the house might start to spill over into the relationship. And that would be a bad thing since Jack and Phyllis are so wonderful together.

And who knows, this first step on the road to committment might just have the pitter patter of little feet running around the Abbott house very soon. It would certainly make for good breakfast table conversation! As a big Jack and Phyllis fan I hope that they stay together for years to come.