Why Extreme Weight Loss is Not a Good Choice

A person who undergoes extreme weight loss would drop quite a bit of weight very fast, or they would lose more weight than is healthy. Utilization of methods like vomiting, laxative abuse and skipping meals may be classified as extreme as well.

When it is defined like this, one would realize that extreme weight loss is harmful or not good for your health. Overweight people dream of losing lots of weight despite the fact that such extreme weight loss can be unhealthy. After all, wouldn’t we all love to undergo an overnight transformation from fat to slim?

Even though it is not wise to lose an extreme amount of weight, countless websites still advocate extreme weight loss. It’s not surprising to note that these websites are marketing a product that they claim will help make this weight loss occur.

The weight loss needs to be slow to be sustainable. Look at it this way: if it took years to put on a bunch of weight, to lose it safely you need to lose it at a similar rate. When you eat and workout differently little by little, weight loss becomes your lifestyle rather the feared “D” word.

In the case where rapid weight loss is required for medical reasons, it must be done with a doctor’s supervision. For instance, bariatric surgery will result in extreme weight loss as a result of a surgical procedure and close medical monitoring. Some liquid diets will provide results as well (this was the method that Oprah Winfrey used when she lost weight initially), however it is difficult to keep the weight off.

Not only does extreme weight loss not work, it can cause you to become quite ill. It could even be fatal. Luther Van Dross is probably one of the best known celebrities to succumb recently as a result of extreme weight loss. He engaged in yo-yo dieting and did not control his weight related diseases.

Ultimately, it might be smarter to remain overweight than to participate in extreme diets, repeatedly.

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