Your Child and the Benefits of Human Growth Hormones. Part 1

Administering HGH via supplement, injection or medication can help a child grow. Insufficient growth and development in children can be linked to a number of different medical conditions. Actually, HGH was made for young children who were not developing at a regular rate. In the past, HGH was extracted from cadavers, however, these days, the hormone is produced chemically, so it is a safer and less expensive treatment for your child.

HGH treatments are today available in different forms. They can be administered in the form of injections or pills to increase the production of HGH within the body. Both of these options are considered promising for parents dealing with growth issues in their child. Although some side effects may occur, remember that this is perfectly normal and of little consequence.

HGH Treatment for Children — Under What Circumstances Is It Recommended?

HGH is only recommended for use in children in very few cases. If your child is a long way behind other children in their age group, then hgh would be very helpful. Specifically this would be those in the lower 5% of children in that age range. Frequently physicians will only utilize HGH if they are within the first percentile. Remember that in less dire circumstances, supplements may also be helpful. While these supplements are not true growth hormones, it is believed that they stimulate the production of more of the growth hormone by the pituitary.